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We work alongside our clients supporting them to identify solutions through researches beyond expectations.

To be your best partner

Meaningful research starts with setting up the right marketing issues and research outlines. We value carefully listening to and organizing their stories because it helps us uncover and setup issues that were not recognized as well as sharpen the already-identified issues. Marketing research is “a study for our clients to identify marketing issues,” which is not a simple task. As your trusted partner, we will be an attentive participant in your each and every study.

Marketing Research Services, Inc. was established in 1959, a time when the very concept of marketing research began to materialize in Japan. To this day, our corporate philosophy of “building bridges between clients and consumers” has been carefully handed down through the changing times and the changing research environment.

methods &
Specialty Areas

The following is an introduction featuring our various research methods and areas of expertise.

  • CLT
    (Central Location Test)

  • Internet Survey

  • Qualitative Research





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